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How can I consign?

Scroll down for a rundown on the process.


1. Take Photos of your items

Make sure the whole piece is shown in your photos. If there are any defects, let us know by including photos of those too.

2. Email the photos to us

We will review the photos and let you know if they would work for our market. We will also give you a ballpark estimate of what your item could sell for.

3. Bring in your approved items

You will be in charge of tranportation, if the item is heavy consider asking a friend to help or hiring movers. We just ask that you let us know at least a day before you drop off so we can make room for your furniture.

4. We sell it

Once we work out a fair price together, we will place it on the floor. When it sells, we split earnings 50/50 and send you a check in the mail.

When do we start?



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