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Robe en soie Here’s a pro tip…

Robe de cocktail fleurie Ideas don’t come out of thin air! As an interior designer, you a curator of good taste when working on clients homes.

So I am always trying looking for ideas and inspiration to help my projects. Most of the time I come to Instagram. In this blog post, I want to share 3 accounts I follow and one that I curate to get a and share ideas.

This will definitely help when you are thinking of redesigning the look of your house one day!

studio magee

I really enjoy designers that go out to conventions and shows to see what the market wants. Studio Magee is one of those designers that have their fingers on the pulse of on-trend design.




Besides the top-notch photography, Alice Lane home brings texture to their designs. You can practically “feel” the fabrics when you look at their feed.




This is an outfit in Brazil, and if you don’t speak Portuguese you won’t be able to read their text. But that’s fine! Because the visuals are striking! They specialize in business interiors like cafes, restaurants and office spaces.

I get so many ideas for entertainment rooms, man caves, and the occasional business client I have. These guys know how to design an experience!



sticks and stones

This is the account for the design shop, Sticks and Stones Furniture, that I started over a decade ago! The designers take photos of current projects to showcase their work and there is the occasional trade show insiders look to see what is in!

I hope you find these accounts inspirational. Having a good taste for what is in and what looks good comes from immersing yourself in the industry.


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